Out of the Box Relocations Paris - School

Schools and Education

For many families, finding the right school is the most important decision they will make, and is the starting point in their relocation. However the selection process can be difficult, and there are many issues to consider. Would you like your child to be educated in their native language, experience the French education system or perhaps be exposed to a bilingual system? Are you aiming to have your child finish school with a particular qualification? Does your child have special needs? To make an informed decision it is imperative that you are aware of all the options and not just funnelled into what may appear, at first, to be the obvious choice.

To help make that decision Out of the Box Relocations provides all the essential information such as fees, school curriculum, extra curricular activities, transportation considerations, school demographics, academic particulars and performance results (where available). We even put you in touch with current parents or students to give you a better feel for a particular school.

We help you every step of the way, and offer the following services:

  • Provide detailed information on suitable schools, childcare centres and universities
  • Arrange interviews and appointments
  • Liaise with the schools on your behalf
  • Provide transportation to and from appointments to visit schools
  • Assist with the application process