Out of the Box Relocation Paris

Our Packages

We provide the following packages:

However all packages can be modified to include additional services or exclude services that are not required. If you would like a personalised quote, please do not hesitate to get in touch. The details of each package are outlined below. 



The Standard Package

Housing search
Ahead of your arrival, we will liaise with you to gain a better understanding of you and your family's needs and expectations. We then research suitable properties, and once we have made a shortlist, we arrange appointments for you to visit them. We will provide transport and accompany you to the visits, and provide essential information such as proximity to schools, public transport and community services.

Lease document
Once you have selected a property, we will assistant you with the negotiations and the signing of the lease.

Inspection report
We will be present and provide translation assistance during the compulsory walk-through of the selected property prior to the signing of the inspection report.

House insurance
We will arrange your compulsory house insurance prior to you moving in.

Utilities connections
We will arrange for the connection of your gas, electricity, water, telephone, internet and TV.

Heating contract
The heating contract is compulsory in most French rental properties. We will arrange the contract on your behalf.

Welcome Pack
To help you settle in faster, we will hand you an Out of the Box Welcome Pack, full of essential information on your local community.

The Family Package

The Family Package includes all of the above services, with the addition of help with schools and setting up bank accounts.

Schools search
We provide extensive information of a wide range of schools to help you decide which is best suited for you. Once you have made a shortlist, we then arrange appointments with the schools and accompany your family to visit them. We take care of the entire application process, so that your experience can be as hassle-free as possible.

Bank accounts
We can provide advice and assistance when opening a bank account.



The Complete Package

The Complete Package includes all the services in the Family Package, as well as the following additions.

Airport welcome
Upon your arrival to Paris, we will be there with a chauffeured car or minivan to assist you with luggage and tired children, and help you get to wherever you’re headed, stress-free.

Temporary accommodation
With our database of good serviced apartments, boutique hotels and short-term rental properties, we will arrange for your temporary accommodation, if required.

Temporary furniture rental
To help you feel at home, we can arrange for rental of all essential items until your furniture arrives from overseas.

Car purchase
We can assist you with purchasing a car and will help arrange your car insurance and car registration.

Driver’s license
We can arrange for the transfer of your existing license to a French license.

Carte vitale
We can also apply for the French national health card on your behalf, if you are eligible for one.